Thursday, March 19, 2015

Transportation issues identified in Alberta rural Health Care review echo local reality

A surprising amount of attention paid to rural transportation issues in yesterday's Rural Health Care Review"

Several aspects of transportation were mentioned: the scarcity of resources, the high cost to passengers interfering with long-term therapies such as dialysis  and the challenge of using Ambulances for non-emergency transportation (especially when there are few other transportation options).

The final report notes that community transportation is not part of the review's mandate but listed amongst the recommendations: "Examine various models in use for publicly accessible transportation and consider support for regional or community-based public transportation systems."

It would have been a great opportunity to have contributed to the discussion. Unfortunately, the review panel seems to have focused on smaller communities and passed over most of the communities served by Rocky View Regional Handibus (maybe this region isn't "rural enough").

Sadly, I doubt that one or two little recommendations will be acted, but it is nice to have transportation identified as a rural health issue.