Monday, September 20, 2010

Handibus looks for funding

Handibus looks for funding
Cochrane handibus service will make the full transition from the Big Hill Senior Citizens Activity Society (BHSCAS) to the Rocky View Regional Handibus (RVRH) Society at the end of September.

The BHSCAS is stepping down after 30 years of service because of the high cost of gas and repairs, as well as many of the society’s hard working volunteers looking to retire.
General Manager, Paul Siller said RVRH received an Alberta Lotteries grant to help with the transition but said there is still a lot of work to do.

Siller was at the Cochrane town council meeting Sept. 13 to discuss how the transition is coming along and to request extra funding be added to the 2011 budget deliberations.

For the last seven years, the town has given BHSCAS an annual grant of $25,000.

RVRH is looking to increase that to $40,000.

Because of the many volunteer drivers the BHSCAS had, a large portion of the funding for RVRH drivers will go to wages.

Funds will also go to maintenance and other costs.

RVRH has already taken over booking for handibus services in Cochrane. The toll free number for making a booking is 1-877-389-2887