Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hummer for the handicapped

Hummer for the handicapped:
"Next October, the MV-1, the first factory-built wheelchair-accessible vehicle designed to meet needs of the paratransit, taxi, and consumer market will roll off the assembly line. Vehicle Production Group will produce the MV-1 at the AM General plant in Mishawaka, Indiana, where HUMVEEs and Hummer H2s are made."

Thursday, November 05, 2009

High River Handi-Bus increases services

High River Handi-Bus increases services

Alyssa Burnham, High River Times REPORTER
Posted Nov 3 2009

Ridership is down on High River Handi-Bus, but chairman Jim Humble said it has nothing to do with a decrease in need. Humble said High River Handi-Bus, a not-for-profit organization, suffers from a general lack of awareness within the community — something the board is working hard to change.

"When we talk to people, we're finding that most people don't know what High River Handi-Bus even does," Humble said, noting some aren't even aware that it exists. "We do a lot more than just running people around."

The volunteer-run organization's mission is to provide accessible, affordable transportation for senior citizens 60 years and older and individuals with physical and mental disabilities. They provide transportation to doctor, dentist and other appointments as needed, as well as to the Calgary International Airport, but what many people aren't aware of is that the bus also makes regular shopping trips into Calgary and Okotoks and can be used for special events.

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