Friday, January 30, 2009

Groups left in Limbo -- Editorial - Pincher Creek Echo

Editorial- Pincher Creek Echo

Left in limbo
Editorial (Pincher Creek Echo)

The news that $40,000 in funding for seniors' transportation services in Pincher Creek has been completely eliminated is a blow to this community.

In a small town, where public transportation is not an option, and the cost associated with ordering a taxi to attend a doctor's appointment in Lethbridge is out of the question, the latest news from the Family and Community Support Services is a nail in the coffin for seniors' independence.

While the Carebears and Handibus services may have been warned a couple of years ago that the services they were providing were failing to meet the funding criteria set by FCSS, the fact the organizations were told just before Christmas that they would not be getting any money in 2009, and not closer to the time they made their funding applications in August, is plain unfair.

With more notice, perhaps more could have been done to investigate alternative funding options in time for the start of new year.

With more notice, the two seniors' transportation services would have had time to work together and combine resources to remain sustainable.

Instead, once again, volunteers in this community, who provide a vital service to local taxpayers, are left scrambling to find a solution.

Friday, January 23, 2009

FCSS slashes funding for seniors’ transport service

FCSS slashes funding for seniors' transport service
Pincher Creek Echo - Pincher Creek,Alberta,Canada

Over the last four years funding from FCSS to the local Handibus
service and ... This year however, FCSS informed the Carebears and
Handibus society that it ...