Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Charities face loss on lottos

It's getting harder and harder to raise a dollars. This sort of big effort raffle is waay out of our league but there is perhaps a prophetic warning.

Edmonton Journal- Charities face loss on lottos:

"EDMONTON - An Alberta lottery supporting children's charities is in danger of losing money this year, as an economic downturn sours ticket sales.

Demands for increasingly lucrative prizes and higher advertising costs have also hurt the Changing Lives Provincial Lottery, which has sold barely half its tickets with less than two weeks left in the campaign.
Organizers are now scrambling to peddle another 1,000 tickets by Nov. 1. If they fail, the lottery will not have enough money to cover its costs and won't be able to provide a contribution to the charities it supports."

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hanna - Handivan handy

Hanna Herald - Alberta, CA:
"The Hanna Handivan might not have originally been intended to be used to help out the library staff, however when it’s not being rented out it’s doing just that.
Purchased by Fred and Hattie Schmitz and the Cliff Wall Estate, the Handivan, which can seat a number of people in a wide variety of ways, including those who use large motorized wheelchairs, is a great tool for the Hanna Library staff, who use it to cart books to and from the post office, as well as for their home delivery service."

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Gift for Hinton Handi-bus

Hinton Parklander - Alberta, CA:
"Local mine operator Elk Valley Coal dropped almost $70,000 Oct. 8 into two Hinton projects, fulfilling the funding for one and paying half the costs of another.
The company dedicated $43,000 to pay for half the third phase of the Beaver Boardwalk, a final phase that will double the boardwalk's length, according to the project’s co-ordinator.
A handful of local seniors and special needs children were on hand at the announcement to watch as Elk Valley fulfilled the fundraising campaign for a new Hinton Handi-bus, giving the $25,500 needed to complete the public (campaign).
'Quality of life [in Hinton] has been greatly enhanced by these donations,' said Dale Currie, chair of the Handi-bus campaign."