Friday, February 29, 2008

Banff Crag & Canyon, Banff, AB

Banff Crag & Canyon, Banff, AB: "A report on how to create the area’s Regional Transportation Authority is expected by the end of May.

The Town of Banff has obtained the services of a husband and wife consulting team experienced in transportation system design.

The Vancouver-based couple from Shirroca Consulting will be coming to the area in early-March to meet with the Regional Transit Steering Committee and other industry members.

“They are coming to say how it is we can provide an integrated year-round regional transit system that will not only serve the needs of visitors, but also those that commute in our communities,” said Darren Reeder, chair of the Regional Transit Steering Committee."

(more detail in the article)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Broken Alberta Promises: a Series (part IV)

Hiding in an obscure corner of the Alberta Seniors website is this page:

Reports and Recommendations - Alberta Seniors and Community Supports

In particular, this page has three consultation reports that identify transportation as being one of the barriers for seniors in rural Alberta:

1) Consultation with Seniors and Seniors’ Service Providers in the Red Deer Area including Lacombe, Ponoka and Rimbey. December 2006
From executive summary: "transportation is a major issue in the rural areas "

2) Consultation with Seniors and Seniors’ Service Providers in the Hinton Area
including Edson, Jasper and Grande Cache
September 2006
(Identified as a barrier/challenge) "lack of affordable, accessible transportation, both locally and for out-of-town medical appointments

3) Consultation with Seniors and Seniors Service Providers Lethbridge October 18, 2005
"Participants report serious transportation difficulties for seniors, especially in the rural areas around the City of Lethbridge." (with suggestions subsequently made for provincial assistance for volunteer drivers)

Comment: it appears that one part of the Alberta Government cannot talk to collegues across the cabinet table.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Canmore supports transportation plan

Canmore Leader, Canmore, AB:

"Canmore town council has agreed to support a plan that could eventually lead to a public transportation partnership being forged in the Bow Valley.

Council unanimously supported a motion Tuesday to support a provincial grant application from the Town of Banff to begin setting up a Bow Valley Transportation Authority.
By gaining the Town of Canmore’s support, the grant application is increased to $75,000 to complete the study."

At this point, the application aims to hire a consultant to see what sort of structure is needed to run a Bow Valley Transportation Authority, and how that service will be funded. The consultant will not be studying how the transportation project will run on a day to day basis, simply how it will be governed.

“This will hire a consultant to weigh the governance options… to handle transportation,” planning and engineering deputy senior manager Kevin van Vliet said. “This will look at what sort of agency can be created that can reasonably, equitably operate between the two towns. This looks at what sort of corporation can we have to make this work.”
(see the article for more)