Saturday, December 30, 2006

Coaldale Handibus Funding

Handibus seeking financial support

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

The gap between what clients pay and the operational costs of running the Coaldale and District Handibus Association will grow bit wider next year.

The association?s John Klassen said donations help make up the difference between the cost of operating the service and what clients pay for the service. It costs about $32,000 each year to run the service and $18,000 of that is covered by revenue generated by the service.
That leaves the service with about $14,000 a year to generate through donations and other sources such as community groups. In the new year the association will have to come up with an additional $3,000 to cover the insurance costs for the handibus.

In the past the Town of Coaldale has been able to include the handibus on its municipal insurance. That will no longer be possible as of the end of this year.

Klassen said the handibus will have to rely on additional donations in 2007 to help cover the shortfall in funds between operational costs and revenue. The service relies on three volunteer drivers with Ken Stenbeck, Denton Koening and Jerry Virginillo sharing driving duties.
He said the association appreciates the volunteer time that is donated to the service and the donations which help with operational costs. Last year the handibus made just under 2,000 trips. Anyone with a disability who requires the service of a handibus over that of a taxi can use the service.
Clients pay $4 for a one way trip within Coaldale and $12 for a one way trip to Lethbridge or return. For those clients who live in the county the cost is $1 per kilometre from Coaldale. Caregivers with clients ride for free. The service runs Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and through special arrangements during other times.

To book a trip call the Coaldale Health Centre at 345-3075 and select option ?0?. Trips should be booked as far in advance as possible to make it easier to book the handibus and a driver. The handibus association would also welcome new members to the board.

Anyone who is interested can contact Klassen at 345-4094 or attend the next regular meeting of the association on Jan. 17, 2007 at 1 p.m. in the former medical building at 1401-20th Ave.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Why donors stop giving

Found this in a Charityvillage newsletter:

Fast Fact: Why donors stop giving

Many donors stop giving because they don't like the way charities
approach them for money, or they don't feel they get enough information
about how their donations are used, research finds. Many donors said
that they would continue to give, and even increase their contributions
over time, if they received prompt acknowledgments of their gifts,
confirmation that the contributions were used as they intended, and
evidence of measurable results about what their donations had achieved,
all before they were asked for more money. However, more than 90% said
that "none" or "hardly any" charities had contacted them without asking
for money. More than 75% of donors said they had received tokens of
appreciation, such as plaques, certificates or other trinkets, but only
5% said they display them. Most donors throw them away. And although
nearly 90% of charities publish a newsletter for donors (59% of which
are 8-16 pages long), two-thirds of donors said they don't have time to
read such newsletters, and 65% said they would prefer a one-page
bulletin about the specific program or service their money supported. --
Cygnus Applied Research