Sunday, October 22, 2006

Village of Nampa

Village of Nampa - Municipal Cooperation for Our Seniors

The Village of Nampaand Northern Sunrise County have been working together on seniors transportation in our area since 1991.That year Northern Sunrise County purchased a 12-passenger van, which was stationed at the Agricultural Service Board Building in Nampa. The bookings for all trips and recruiting volunteer drivers were coordinated through our Family andCommunity Support Services office (which is another joint board that both municipalities manage together), and the m and the maintenance and gas costs wereshared equally by the Village of Nampa and Northern Sunrise County.

In 2001, it was decided that a new bus was needed so we purchased a15-passenger mini bus with provisions for two wheelchairs. The funds for this buswere derived from a grant through the Wild Rose Foundation, a lottery grant, and funds from both municipalities. We still share the costs of maintenance and gasequally, and the Family and Community Support Services office looks after recruiting the volunteer drivers and bookings for the van.

The bus takes seniors to doctor appointments and shopping in Peace River weekly, and once a month goes to Grande Prairie. Other outings are planned at the seniors' request. All of the seniors are picked up and delivered to their homes when using the bus.

Seniors in the hamlets of Marie Reine and St. Isidore, also located in the county, may use the van. This service covers a large geographic area, and has worked well for many years. The service would not be possible without cooperation by both municipalities.

For more information, please contact:Village of Nampa Phone: (780) 322-3852

Jim Dinning - "strengthening communities" announcement Oct 19

Jim Dinning- "strengthening communities" announcement -- Oct 19: "Apparently Mr. Dinning released some ideas to strengthen communities:

o Annually adjust AISH benefits to reflect changes in the cost of living.
o Change the criteria so people receiving AISH benefits are able to keep more of their income earned from employment before there are adjustments to their benefits.
o Increase the supply of affordable housing, and ensure that a percentage of affordable housing is made accessible to people with disabilities.
o Ensure that appropriate support is available for home care and personal care.
o Work with municipalities to expand the availability of affordable and accessible transportation and establish inclusive communities, recreation facilities, and community services.

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[comment: so far this is the first PC Leadership Candidate to mention special transportation as a support to albertans]