Monday, December 05, 2005

Oxygen and caregivers

[Note: this is a re-post of an answer we gave on a community services webboard]

Q.) I am looking for assistance regarding Handivans. Does anyone have a policy or restriction for carrying passengers that are on oxygen?

Also, do you have any criteria for your passengers - like provide their own caregiver if being transported on the handivan?

We take Oxygen with the following stipulations:

1) It should be attached or slung onto the wheel chair in such a way as it won't travel during a sudden stop. We don't like stand alone units, but when we get them the stand-alone unit must be secured by the driver

2) Passenger is responsible to ensure they have ample supply for the duration of travel.

Caregivers can be a complex issue depending on how your community defines "Caregiver." Do you mean giving care on the bus or after the trip?

Some communities expect the driver to sit with the passenger in the doctor's office. Other communities just expect the driver to get the passenger safely inside the destination (handed over to staff/ family etc).

Our own view is that our responsibility for transportation generally ends at the door of the destination. If a passenger requires assistance beyond the front door (e.g. in the hospital or in the mall) they must provide their own attendant. We don't charge for attendants travelling on the bus.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Alberta Transportation's latest offering

The Alberta Government has released it's latest report on accessible transportation:

"Transportation For Seniors And Persons with Disabilities In Alberta - November 2005 Report."

The document is 59 pages.

Of note, is a prediction of expanded demographics(in the coming years) and a big push to encourage:
1) tracking of activities
2) pooling of resources
3) sharing best practices
4) accessing funding

(see Page 35)

The report is available on the Alberta Transportation website